Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Garden Before and After The Storm

The day before yesterday, I was walking around my garden taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful sunny day.  Yesterday there was a beautiful wind that would be perfect for drying clothes and the sun was shining so I washed my bedding and towels and put them on the line to dry.  A short while later, I saw one of the lawn chairs go flying across the deck and the winds were suddenly wild.  I ran to grab my laundry off the line and I was too late to save our bath towels which were torn off the line and went sailing up over the hedge across the fields and trees. The last I seen of them they were about a mile away and flying over a farmers field south east of us. These two towels were a gift for our golden wedding anniversary and were embroidered with our names and dates and they were really good thick bath sheets that will be missed. They are heavy but they tossed through the air like a piece of Kleenex.

We then watched as the storm tossed all our plants and flowers and bent everything to the ground.  I took some pictures to show what had happened .  I do hope my holly hocks will not be ruined.

Holly Hocks before

Holly Hocks after

Carnations before

Carnations after

Ornamental grasses before

Ornamental grasses after
 I also had several pots of flowers that were smashed or were actually blown right out of the pots.

The rest of these pictures were taken before the storm.  I love my gardens and it is a great pleasure for me to watch each day as a new plant comes up.  I especially love the holly hocks as they are so vibrant and the black ones are so deep a shade of black.

We were very lucky that only a few of our plants were blown over and I only lost a couple of bath towels. All around us, trees were torn down as well as hydro wires. A lot of damage was done to houses and cars that were under those trees and wires. So far, I have not heard of anyone that got hurt in that storm but it was wild while it lasted.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A walk around my garden

Come and take a walk around the gardens with Brandy and me.  We go out and find new flowers almost every day.
This is the front of the house and the gardens that my husband put in.  He loves to do rustic landscaping.
This is a close up of the pond and waterfall. Norris looks after the front gardens and I have my flower gardens at the back of the house.

Since we live out in the country and there are fields and farms all around us, we share our gardens with wildflowers and weeds.    I do not mind as I love every part of the country including the weeds as some of them are quite pretty.

I find all kinds of unusual flowers growing among the flowers that I planted. There are even some very tiny flowers growing in the lawn and you have to look very hard to see them.




Now lets sit and relax in the back corner as a cool breeze blows by.

Later I will have more flowers to show you as it changes quite often.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spring Garden

 I guess the flowers must like the cool spring weather.  The plants seem to be much fuller and stronger than ever.  The iris have so many buds. I just can't wait until they are in full bloom. It is still very cool for this time of year and the plants are late in blooming but if they are stronger and last longer, then it is worth it.
I believe these are called Egyptian Thistle. This is the first year for this plant
Brandy loves being outside. Here she is waiting for me to throw her ball.

Miniature pansies

Norris keeps the grass cut.

And there is a lot of grass to cut!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mother Nature is confused

We have not had a real bad winter this year but this past month has been all over the board.  We had a real mixture of warm and cold days, snow and rain, wind and sun.  During the warm days, I noticed some green coming up in my gardens, especially my holly hocks.  But last night we had an ice storm.
When I woke up this morning, everything was covered in ice. Very pretty but dangerous.  I certainly would not want to venture outdoors as the decks, and pathways were a sheet of ice.  Thank goodness we do not have to go anywhere in the car today.

 In the field at the side and back of our house, the geese were all gathered together.  I guess they did not want to be flying in this ice storm either.

My biggest disappointment was when I saw my garden caked in ice.  I do hope that the plants will survive this  as there were a lot of green shoots coming up.

However, we are safe and warm inside and we do not have to travel anywhere today.  I do pray that anyone who has to travel will take extreme care and that they will arrive at their destination safely.
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