Monday, March 19, 2012

Ahhhh Spring

I just can't believe the weather we are having!!  Normally at this time of year, we are still buried in snow!  I remember last year how envious I was as others were talking about their gardens and flowers and I looked out at a blanket of white snow.  Yesterday we took Brandy for a walk in the conservation area and enjoyed the warmth.
Today I took a trip around the garden and found crocus blooming, buds on the clematis plant, the lilac bush is all out in buds, the rhubarb is coming out, the birds are singing......  all this two months earlier than normal.  I love it!!!!!


So we took a trip to the local nursery and bought some soil and I put it in the flower gardens at the back to prepare for my flower gardens.  Brandy also loved running around with us and it was such a beautiful day.


  1. Great photo of Brandy, wyes its nice here as well :-)

  2. I know! Isn't this crazy! About 80% of my perennials are up. My creeping Jacob's Ladder has flower buds. Like you we would usually have a lot of snow yet, and possible blizzards. Being laid up the last few days (mostly better now) I am really enjoying sitting outside. Took a lot of pictures from the swing out back. Funny thing is that a lot of my perennials came up before my Lenten Rose! I never had one before, but seems kind of weird that this happened as they are suppose to come up way earlier then the other plants! I posted a few pictures on my blog showing this great weather, etc. Hugs, Teresa

  3. We had such a mild winter this year that it makes me fear that we will get snow much later in spring than usual. We only had about 4" of snow this year, last year we had so much we were worried about the weight of it all on the roof. Today we broke the record for the high temp of the day, it was 80 F, average for the day is 48 F. My daffodils are starting to bloom about a month early, it's just strange.

  4. Enjoyed your post and you deserve a nice Spring. LJ


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